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Walk & performative tasting event: Botanicals / Misc. props 

Developed w/ Mike Thompson — TRANSaction: Sonsbeek 2016 — Curated by:  Ruangrupa, presented at Ruruhuis, (Arnhem, NL)

Jamu is an Indonesian traditional medicinal drink made from different botanicals.

As part of the events leading up to Sonsbeek ‘16, we performed a guided walk through Sonsbeek park with forest ranger Jeroen Glissenaar, visiting different plants and sharing the many stories that have allowed Sonsbeek and the city of Arnhem to co-evolve.

Collecting our own botanicals, we returned to Ruruhuis for some more Nongkrong - an indonesian term meaning ‘chat, without particular subject or purpose’ - making and tasting Sonsbeek ’16 Jamu.

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