Susana Cámara Leret

Susana Cámara Leret (Madrid, 1982) analiza en sus trabajos la idea de territorio y su transformación a partir de los encadenamientos de formas y contenidos que revela su apreciación detenida. Toma como punto de partida aquellos elementos y signos que aluden a la plasticidad de su memoria. A menudo aborda proyectos de larga duración, tanto en solitario como de carácter colectivo,  a través de los cuales busca asimilar una ecología que integre materiales, organismos y sistemas vivos.
Licenciada en Bellas Artes por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ha realizado un Master en Diseño (IM) en Design Academy Eindhoven. Ha dirigido procesos de investigación y educativos en el campo de las artes. Su obra se ha expuesto en distintos centros como el Museum Boijmans van Beuningen de Rotterdam, The New Institute Rotterdam, Bureau Europa Maastricht, Lab987 MUSAC_Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, CentroCentro Madrid o City Art Centre Edimburgo entre otros. Desarrolla su trabajo entre España, Holanda y Reino Unido, y reside actualmente en León.

Susana Cámara Leret (Madrid, 1982) analyses in her works the idea of territory and its transformation, from the interconnection of forms and contents that its attentive appreciation reveal. She takes as a starting point those elements and signs that allude to the plasticity of its memory. Through long-term projects, both solo and collective, the work seeks to assimilate an ecology that integrates living materials, organisms and systems.
She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University Complutense of Madrid and has completed a Master in Design (IM) at Design Academy Eindhoven. She has directed research and educational processes in the field of arts. Her work has been exhibited in different centres such as Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, The New Institute Rotterdam, Bureau Europa Maastricht, Lab987 MUSAC_Museum of Contemporary Art of Castille and León, CentroCentro Madrid or City Art Center Edinburgh, amongst others. She develops her work across Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and currently resides in León.

Awards / Funds / Residencies
— Ayuda a la Creación en Artes Visuales. Comunidad de Madrid. ES, 2019.
— Residencia en la Tierra. Proyecto Amargura. Tabakalera: Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea + Fundazioa Cristina Enea. ES, 2019.
— Fellowship Department of Clinical Neurosciences (Edinburgh). Arts + Therapeutic Design Programme (NHS Lothian). UK, 2017-2019.
— Laboratorio 987. Proyecto Tierra de diatomeas. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León (MUSAC). ES, 2017.
— Levadura: Residencia para creadores en escuelas. Proyecto ¿A qué huele el tiempo? CentroCentro Cibeles + CEIP Nuestra Señora de la Fuencisla. ES, 2017.
— Amsterdams Fonds Voor de Kunst (AFK). Development grant. NL, 2016.
— Stichting Doen, Research grant: The Institute for the Design of Tropical Disease project. NL, 2015.
— Stimuleringsfonds NL, E-culture grant: The Institute for the Design of Tropical Disease project. NL, 2015.
— Stichting Doen, Research grant: For what it’s worth exhibit, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. NL, 2014.
— ICT & ART Connect residency: The Data & Ethics Working Group (DEWG). NL, 2014.
— Waag Society: Institute for Art, Science & Technology: Artist in Residence. NL, 2013-2014.
— Stimuleringsfonds NL, E-culture grant: The rhythm of life research. NL, 2013.
— Research Associate, The Netherlands Creative Research Scientific Programme (CRISP). G-Motiv project, Design Academy Eindhoven + Delft University of Technology. NL, 2012-2013
— Bio Art & Design Award: Aqua Vita. NL, 2011.

(Selected) Exhibitions / Screenings / Performances 
— Amargura: Ecologías del lúpulo. Fundazioa Cristina Enea (+ Tabakalera: Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea). San Sebastián. ES, 2019

— Looms (unborn) at Unspoken We. W139. NL, 2018
— An Organoleptic Anarchive of NHS at The Re(a)d Bed Exhibition. City Art Centre. UK, 2018.
— Cryo-Sites at Life Time. MU Artspace. NL, 2017-2018.

— (Suite from) The Rhythm of Life at Museumnacht Amsterdam. Arti et Amicitiae. NL, 2017.
— (Suite from) The Rhythm of Life at Haunted Machines + Wicked Problems. Impakt Festival. NL, 2017.
— Matters of Care. Thought Collider solo show at City Art Centre (Alt-w Lab). New Media Scotland. Edinburgh Art Festival. UK, 2017.
— Tierra de diatomeas at Laboratorio 987. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Castilla y León (MUSAC). ES, 2017.
— The Institute for the Design of Tropical Disease at Crazy Care System. Bureau Europa. NL, 2017.
— (Suite from) Rhythm of Life at Senses & Sensors. STRP Festival. NL, 2017.
— ¿A qué huele el tiempo? at CentroCentro Cibeles. ES, 2017.

— Aqua Vita at Przemiany Festival. Copernicus Science Center. PL, 2016.
— DiY Tonic meets Jamu at Ruruhuis. Sonsbeek ’16. NL, 2016.
— Rain Rain Go Away! at Localidad Extranjera. Instituto Cervantes. Salone del mobile. IT, 2016.
— The Institute for the Design of Tropical Disease Pop-up bar on World Malaria Day. Moma & Co. NL, 2016.

— Making, Researching, Exchanging, Drinking at Doing, Sounding Exchanging, Thinking Symposium. Foundation B.A.D. Rotterdam. NL, 2014.
— The Rhythm of Life at For what it’s worth? Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. NL, 2014.
— DEWG Exp.#2: Consent at For what it’s worth? Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. NL, 2014.
— Kindred Spirits at Feral Experimental. UNSW Galleries. AU, 2014.
— DEWG Exp.#3: Bridget (w/ DEWG) at Big Bang Data. Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB). ES, 2014.
— The Rhythm of Life at Design Column #6: Dataism Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. NL, 2013-2014.

— DEWG Exp.#1: Terms & Conditions (w/ DEWG) at ICT + ART Connect. EU Parliament. BE, 2013.
— Aqua Vita at Biodesign: On the cross-pollination of nature, science and creativity. The New Institute. NL, 2013-2014.
— Aqua Vita & Kindred Spirits at Designing Health. The New Institute. NL, 2013.

— Smell Triggers at Krakow Theatrical Reminiscences. CK Rotunda. PL, 2012.
— Aqua Vita at Transnatural Festival. NEMO Science Centre. NL, 2012.
— Aqua Vita at Bio Art & Design Award. Naturalis Biodiversity Centre. NL, 2011-2012.

(Selected) Workshops / Courses / Lectures
— Tierra de diatomeas: Mar Menor Lab: Arte y ciencia para un paisaje en crisis. Curso de verano, Universidad de Murcia. ES, 2018.
— Smells of Decay. Talk at FUSION: Art + Neuroscience Meetup, Edinburgh. UK, 2018.
— Smells of Decay. Workshop at City Art Centre, Edinburgh. UK, 2017.
— Metabolic Drift. Lecture at Odorama: Scent + Wellbeing. Mediamatic. NL, 2017.
— Metabolic Drifts. Lecture at Fiver Festival: Prima Materia. Amsterdam. NL, 2017.
— STRP Senses + Sensors. Lecture at Conference for the Curious. NL, 2017.
— Training the Senses Performative talk at Marres House for Contemporary Culture. NL, 2017.
— DiY Antibiotics. Consultant workshops #1(hunt), #2(grow), #3(test). Waag Society, Amsterdam. NL, 2016.
— Lecture at Przemiany Festival. Copernicus Science Center. PL, 2016.
— A Sense of What’s to Come. Workshop Open Set summer school. V2_Lab for the Unstable media. NL, 2016.
— Meet My Molecule: Workshop at International Flavours & Fragrances. Hilversum. NL, 2015.
— Who owns life? Workshop at Arts & Genomics Centre: Leiden University. NL, 2015.
— Storysmelling. Workshop at What Design Can Do. Amsterdam. NL, 2013.
— Urine is not waste. Workshop at Do it together Bio #3. Waag Society. NL, 2013.

(Selected) Publications / Contributions / Other
— Imaginal Cells: Unspoken We publication. W139 Amsterdam. NL, 2018.
— The woman who can smell Parkinson’s Disease: BBC Scotland Documentary. Produced by Stephen Magee. Aired December 2017.
— From Smells to Stories: The Design and Evaluation of the Smell Memory Kit. Cámara Leret, S. & Visch, V. International Journal of Design. April, 2017.
— Bio Art: Altered Realities. Myers, W. Thames & Hudson. 2015.
— Kindred Spirits: Smell fictions + performative design research. Cámara Leret, S. paper accepted at Research Through Design Conference 2015. Cambridge UK. 2015.
— The Rhythm of Life. Thompson, M., Cámara Leret, S., Young, D. 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), 2015.
— Findings from the Data & Ethics Working Group (DEWG). Thompson, M., Cámara Leret, S., evers, L. et al. extended abstract presented at The Future of Art and Computing: A Post-Turing Centennial Perspective Conference (AISB50). 2014.
— Kindred Spirits. The Readership in Strategic Creativity at Design Academy Eindhoven. Cámara Leret, S. et al. Creative Commons. 2014.
— The in-between: An exploratory venture into the position of the designer. Cámara Leret, S. & Raijmakers, B. Nordes Exploratory Papers. 2013.
— Smellscapes in The Life of Air. Dwelling, Communicating, Manipulating. Edited by Monica Bakke. Open Humanities press. 2011

— MA Contextual design. Design Academy Eindhoven. NL, 2008-2010.
— BFA Fine Arts. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. ES, 2003-2008.

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