Susana Cámara Leret

(Suite from) The Rhythm of Life 
09.2013 — 11.2017

w/ Mike Thompson, Dave Young & The Analytical Biosciences Department from Leiden University (NL) — Supported by Stimuleringsfonds E-Cultuur + Stichting DOEN — Photography by Gert Jan van Rooij

Individual photons emitted by living tissue affect sensors in the retina, yet neural filters prevent a conscious response perhaps to avoid excess visual noise in very low light. Biophoton emissions have rhythmical pulses and vary depending on an organism's biological processes and cycles. The rhythm of life research project experiments with these rhythmical qualities pairing a photon multiplier tube (PMT) to a kinetic interface to detect and sense individual photon emissions.

The cyclical nature of the installation references traditional gamelan music’s repetitive form, representing the cyclical nature of life and believed to connect the “body, mind and soul”. In its first public performance, placing both hands within a PMT instrument, 56 participants were invited to listen in on their electrochemical pulses, hearing their emissions as complex percussive rhythms in real time. In performing these 56 datasets publicly, attention is drawn to their affective, individual qualities, sensing forms of stored energy.

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